Musical Performance: MusicExperiment21 Collective

5th of October 2016 – 19:30 – Casa da Música: Sala 2

Rasch 23 : Loving Barthes (4)

After Robert Schumann’s Kreisleriana op. 16, for piano, live electronics, and video.

Paulo de Assis | concept, artistic direction and piano

Lucia D’Errico | sound, digital images, video and inter titles

Juan Parra C. | sound and video

Bobby Mitchell | fortepiano

Raschx is a series of mutational performances based upon two fundamental materials: Robert Schumann’s Kreisleriana op. 16 (1838), and Roland Barthes essays on the music of Schumann (1970, 1975, 1979), particularly on ‘Rasch’, a piece of writing exclusively dedicated to Schumann’s Kreisleriana. To these materials other components may be added for every single particular version: visual elements (pictures, videos), other texts, or further aural elements (recordings, live-electronics, etc.). The superposition of materials generates an intricate network of emergent aesthetic-epistemic crossreferences, through which the listener has the freedom to focus on different layers of perception: be it on the music, on the texts being projected or read, on the images, on the voices, etc. Situated beyond ‘interpretation’, ‘hermeneutics’, and ‘aesthetics’ the series Raschx is part of a wider research on ‘experimental performance practices’—practices that urge us to think (during the performative moment) on what we do know, on what we do not know, and on what we think to know about a given piece.


ME21 Collective is composed of artist researchers involved in the project MusicExperiment21, coordinated and directed by Paulo de Assis. The collective includes musicians, performers, composers, dancers, actors, and philosophers without having any standard or even stable formation. ME21 Collective’s modes of communication include conventional formats such as concerts and installations but also lectures, publications, and web expositions.


Paulo de Assis is a pianist, musicologist, and artist-researcher with wider transdisciplinary interests on Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, and Epistemology. He is the coordinator of the European Research Council funded project ‘Experimentation versus Interpretation’ (MusicExperiment21), which challenges orthodox definitions of musical works and their renderings. Active as a soloist and pianist-conductor he authored two books (on the music of Luigi Nono and Camillo Togni) and edited eight others (on music notation, contemporary music, and experimental practices). He studied Piano with Vitaly Margulis, Michel Béroff and Alexis Weissenberg, and holds a PhD on music analysis (on the music of Luigi Nono). Commissioned by the Foundation Giorgio Cini in Venice, he completed and performed the world premiere of Camillo Togni’s piano concerto, left unfinished in 1993. A Research Fellow at the Orpheus Institute Ghent, Paulo de Assis is the Convenor of the yearly International Orpheus Academy for Music and Theory, and the Chair of the conference series Deleuze and Artistic Research (DARE).

Lucia DErrico-2016-03-09

Lucia D’Errico is an artist specialising in contemporary and experimental music, performing on acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, oud, and several other plucked string instruments. As a performer and improviser, she has collaborated with contemporary music groups, and with theatre, dance, and visual art companies. She studied classical guitar at Conservatorio B. Marcello of Venice, and Modern Languages at Università Ca’ Foscari of Venice. Currently, she is working on a doctoral research (ME21 at Orpheus Institute Gent, docARTES programme at Leuven University). She is also active as a freelance graphic designer.

Juan Parra C-2016-03-20

Juan Parra Cancino is a composer, guitarist and computer performer. Founder of The Electronic Hammer, a Computer and Percussion trio and Wiregriot, (voice & electronics), he collaborates regularly with Ensemble KLANG (NL) and Hermes Ensemble (BE), among many others. Parra holds a PhD from Leiden University (NL) and is a fellow researcher at the Orpheus Institute (Ghent, BE), focused on performance practice in Computer Music.


Bobby Mitchell is a young American pianist whose interests are embedded in the here and now of music as performance art in combination with the more standard classical repertory of centuries past. His diverse interests in historical performance practice and in contemporary trends have brought him to venues across Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas.  He records for the Alpha Music label (Haydn on an original pianoforte) and for Telos Music. Bobby holds degrees from the Eastman School of Music, the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague (Netherlands), and the Musikhochschule Freiburg (Germany), and is an ORCiM Doctoral Researcher (Orpheus Instituut in Ghent, Belgium) and enrolled in the University of Leiden’s Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (Netherlands).  Primary teachers include Nelita True, David Kuyken, Robert Hill, Stephen Perry, and Bart van Oort.